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  • Seaeye Falcon ROV
    The Seaeye Falcon is the choice of many leading operators for capability,versatility and the ability to get the job done. Lightweight and portable they go where they’re needed - inshore, offshore, down tunnels or for flyaway operations. Available with a choice of options, tools and accessories, Seaeye Falcons make an ideal platform for achieving numerous intricate and demanding subsea applications.
  • We have agreements in place to access larger ROV systems when the job requires. Available systems include Sea Eye Cougar, Triton XLS, Schilling UHD.

  • Kongsberg High Resolution Scanning Sonar Head with Compass
    This version of the 1071-Series Sonar has been specifically designed to produce the highest resolution scanning sonar images possible with 675 kHz. Its design is targeted at bottom clearance, body recovery, underwater construction, pipeline inspection, cable route survey, bridge/pier inspection and applications where data clarity supercedes any other requirement. The internal compass module provides magnetic heading and pitch and roll data.
  • Side Scan Sonar
    We have multiple side scan sonar systems available for use. Our trained personnel can suggest the most appropriate system based on factors such as target size, water depth, and search area size. Please contact us for more information.
  • Edgetech 4125 dual frequency Side Scan sonar
  • Edgetech 242 Sub Bottom Profiler
  • Trimble DGPS
    Differential GPS with optional Omnistar subscription for sub meter accuracy.
  • RTK GPS equipment available if required.
  • Support Vessels
    We have multiple work boats available depending on the job requirement. Vessels include 16 foot rigid hull inflatable, 31 foot aluminum workboat, and a 40 foot aluminum twin diesel jet drive workboat with an extremely large back deck.
  • 3D Robotics X8 aerial drone with gimbal mounted GoPro