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Indepth Marine specializes in underwater applications for engineering firms, power generation utilities, mines, municipalities, science projects, and private yachts to list a few.

Located on the west coast of Canada, InDepth Marine has worked on projects of all sizes, all over the world.

Our team is comprised of professionals from the commercial diving, electrical, construction, marine biology, oil and gas, and manned submersible industries.

We work on pipelines, reservoirs, dams, bridges, offshore wind farms, fish farms, water intakes, sunken vessels, archaeology projects, biology studies, and just about anything else that is found underwater.

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Airplane Salvage

While fighting a forest fire near Kelowna BC, a water bomber's landing gear remained down during an attempt to scoop water. Luckily the pilot was rescued by nearby witnesses, who rushed to the scene with their boat. A bystander managed to capture the accident on camera at the time. During an attempt to tow the plane to shore, the pontoons were dislodged and the plane sunk to the lakebed, resting in 260 feet of water.